Podcast: 0.27 SURPRISE!

Zero Stars | 02.26.2018

mario time

We begin in a state of shock and never recover in this sugary-sweet episode. Matt and Bob have developed a taste for the eighties rock, and managed to play Metal Gear Survive, Remnants of Naezith, Cinco Paus, and Mount Your Friends 3D. 

Podcast: 0.26 The One With All The Callbacks

Zero Stars | 02.12.2018


We're feeling punchy on an episode that brings it all back home. Tune in for breaks, the return of the PUBG minute, the dramatic reappearance of Hollow Knight, and further conversations about the ancient Chinese game of Go. 

Podcast: 0.25 A Psycho Mantis Simulator

Zero Stars | 01.29.2018


We talk about video games, robots, AI, and laundry detergent in this episode. Matt intelligently condenses his feelings regarding Nier: Automata and XCOM 2 while Bob struggles mightily to make a single coherent point about the ancient Chinese game of Go. Tune in for one of the last missives from before the robots took over!

Podcast: 0.24 Twenty-Four Hours

Zero Stars | 01.15.2018


If you listened to every episode of this show, we've stolen a day of your life. This week, we talk about the games that have stolen days of ours. Bob's deep in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Matt's a citizen in West of Loathing, and we still find time to talk about Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy.

Podcast: 0.23 Florida Men

Zero Stars | 01.01.2018

florida man

A long break has given us plenty of time to play games and provided ample fodder for some first-class digressions. Tune in to hear about Rimworld, Gorogoa, Darkest Dungeon, Minimetro and basically everything that's currently out on the Switch.

Podcast: 0.22 Matt Goes it Alone

Zero Stars | 12.18.2017


We're sorry that we've been gone for three weeks. There's been a lot going on! We will return to our regularly scheduled broadcasts in the new year, but we know that you love content, so Matt recorded a special edition podcast to enrich your holiday season. Listen to learn why Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Johann Sebastian Joust, Towerfall, Cuphead, The World is Not Enough, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Hitman, Resident Evil 4, and GOD HAND can make your season bright.

Podcast: 0.21 JJ Slider's Pizza Emporium

Zero Stars | 11.27.2017


It's a week full of filmic disappointment! A wild non sequitur appears and Bob hasn't played any games. Thankfully, Matt's played enough Horizon: Zero Dawn and Battlefield 1 for the both of them. 

Podcast: 0.20 Our National Nightmare

Zero Stars | 11.12.2017

ear mic

We embark on new adventures in hi-fi, discuss how EA ruins everything, and dive into conversations about Super Mario Odyssey and Horizon: Zero Dawn

Podcast: 0.19 Matt Watches Someone Beat Dark Souls 3

Zero Stars | 10.29.2017


We announce our new biweekly release schedule and then segue into an incredibly lengthy newshour. Stick it out for in-depth discussions about Super Mario Odyssey and The Evil Within 2.

Podcast: 0.18 Let's Take A Break

Zero Stars | 10.22.2017


We're mythbusting and fact-checking up a storm on this episode, mainly because Bob hasn't played anything. Thankfully, Matt's played enough Stardew Valley for both of us.