Podcast 0.17: Not a Knife in Sight

Zero Stars | 10.15.2017


It's Friday the 13th and we're ready to talk about a bunch of games. Tune in for the exciting conclusion(?) to Matt's Dark Souls saga, a bunch of praise for The Witness, quick takes on Octopath Traveller and Deus Ex, and a lengthy chat about Epic Games's sort-of-terrible and sort-of-amazing game Fortnite.

Podcast: Controversial Moves

Zero Stars | 10.09.2017


We pull out all of our trick shots for a rapid fire episode that addresses a whole bunch of games. Bob's beaten Dark Souls, Matt's played Picross, Cuphead is great, and Deus Ex is dumb. Matt even found time to play Thimbleweed Park.

Podcast: The Legend of Zelda: The Usual Danger of Sharks

Zero Stars | 10.01.2017

Smoke under the water.

We finally get around to some reader mail, and take a deep dive into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Join us for a very special (and potentially spoiler-ish) episode.  

Podcast: Sweat It Out

Zero Stars | 09.24.2017


It's too hot and we can't think straight on this week's episode. Despite the heat, we manage to talk about Destiny 2, The Witness, Absolver, and Butterfly Soup.

Podcast: Apple Juice Moments

Zero Stars | 09.17.2017


Mario has nipples, Pewdiepie is a despicable person, and we have been playing the hottest new titles. Tune in for takes on Absolver and Destiny 2


Favorite things

Matt: Paris, Texas

Bob: The September Issue

Podcast: At It Again

Zero Stars | 09.11.2017


Bob returns from a multitude of weddings and Matt encounters an underwhelming killer clown. After discussing the state of movie award shows, we get down to business with our usual Dark Souls III discussion, follow up on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and the exciting conclusion to Bob's journey in Hyrule. 

Podcast: Wheels of Fight

Zero Stars | 09.04.2017

Wheels of Fight

 We ponder the demise of Nintendo's Miiverse and consider the possibility of an endless Super Meatboy. Matt's quest to find the Onion Knight in Dark Souls III continues, and we also discuss Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Neo Turf Masters.

Podcast: Ten Hours

Zero Stars | 08.27.2017

Ten Hours

The Stars receive their first reader mail and respond by plunging deep into the MOBA depths with Heroes of the Storm. A quickfire News Hour still leaves time to talk about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and a bit of Splatoon 2.

Podcast: A Very Special Episode

Zero Stars | 08.20.2017

Some person made this.

This week's episode forgoes the usual format in favor of a discussion about broken games we love. We talk about The World Is Not Enough, Final Fantasy VIII, Mirrors Edge and Alien: Isolation in an attempt to figure out what makes these games good, or at the very least, interesting.  

Podcast: The Zero Stars Card Game

Zero Stars | 08.13.2017

Stabbed in the back.

A lengthy discussion about why Valve is bumming us out segues into tales of Dark Souls betrayal and a big conversation about Supergiant's new game Pyre.