Podcast: Like a Monkey

Zero Stars | 08.07.2017

We figure out where Dave Matthews gets his ideas, forget that Jack Johnson is a person, and still find time to discuss Tacoma, Asemblance, Dark Souls III and Civilization IV.

Podcast: Jeff Geoff the Silicon Knight

Zero Stars | 07.30.2017

Matt's sleepy and we're both underprepared for this week's news section, but we pull it together by the end for our continuing discussion of Dark Souls III and looks at both Splatoon 2 and Civilization IV.

Podcast: The Onion Knight!

Zero Stars | 07.23.2017

The Stars talk about Dream Daddy, Spelunky, and Splatoon 2, but both hosts are most excited about their reunion with an old digital friend.

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Podcast: Dungeons Adjacent to Dragons

Zero Stars | 07.19.2017

Things get a little political, but the Stars recover and start a new journey in Dark Souls III. Other topics include Spelunky and Project CARS.

Podcast: Games Are Good Now

Zero Stars | 07.12.2017

Games were childish toys for decades, but now they're good and the Stars want to talk about it. Put on your Firewarden hat and join us for a lengthy (and spoiler-filled) discussion of Campo Santo's Firewatch.

Podcast: The Blues

Zero Stars | 07.05.2017

Hot takes abound as the Stars tackle Breath of the Wild's 'Master Mode', the SNES Classic, and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Podcast: The One That Started It All

Zero Stars | 06.28.2017

Everyone's favorite podcast begins! The Stars discuss hot current games like Nioh, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Devil Daggers.