Podcast: 0.57 Full Bowser (Iron Man Three)

Zero Stars | 09.16.2019


We just don't know how to feel about Iron Man Three.

Podcast: 0.56 It Is Incredibly Complex (The Avengers)

Zero Stars | 09.03.2019


We try and fail to recall everything that happens in The Avengers and Matt makes a valiant effort to talk about video games.

Podcast: 0.55 It's Pandering To Me

Zero Stars | 08.19.2019


We watch Captain America: The First Avenger and disagree about the pronunciation of "Jumanji".

Podcast: 0.54 A Popular & Famous God (Thor)

Zero Stars | 08.05.2019


While ostensibly about 2011's Thor, this is really just a meditation on Jeremy Renner's music career.

Podcast: 0.53 Plot Q (Iron Man 2)

Zero Stars | 07.22.2019


The MCU returns to greatness (or at least goodness) with Iron Man 2 and Matt experiences D&D in a whole new way.

You can see images from the campaign Matt is a player in here.

Podcast: 0.52 It Was Pretty Well Received At The Time

Zero Stars | 07.08.2019


We watched 2008's The Incredible Hulk. It was incredible.

Podcast: 0.51 We Had To Force Ourselves To Do This

Zero Stars | 06.17.2019


We pick the biggest video game news week of the year to start watching Marvel movies. It went better than that sounds.

If you want to skip ahead, discussion of Iron Man starts at 34:28.

Podcast: 0.50 Superhero Sausage Party

Zero Stars | 05.13.2019


After fifty episodes, the Stars take this opportunity to ruminate on video game journalists and podcasts they've loved and lost. They also find time to tease a format change. Get your t-shirt!

Podcast: 0.49 I Like This Kind of Game

Zero Stars | 04.08.2019


It's been a rough couple weeks with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Podcast: 0.48 Bone & Rope Robot

Zero Stars | 03.25.2019

beard oil

It's a race against time as we discuss Google's Stadia announcement and the recent release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.